Dry-aged, grass-fed beef for sale

Looking for locally-raised, dry-aged, grass-fed beef?  Three Kings Farm beef is from high-quality Black Angus cows field-raised on our farm, the Three Kings Farm of Chester Springs, PA.  The cows at Three Kings Farm are grass-fed.  The cows receive no growth hormones and are antibiotic free.  They were not fattened at the end with weeks of corn prior to processing.   Grass-fed cattle are typically leaner and almost all cuts of grass-fed beef have less total fat than beef from corn-raised cattle.  USDA graded our beef at Choice Plus (highest rating for Choice).

Three Kings Farm beef is processed by Smucker’s Meats, a USDA inspected facility.  The meat is dry-aged for 14 days.  Dry aging beef allows the natural enzymes to break down the tough connective tissue in the meat, while the evaporation of water allows for a concentrated and richer flavor.  The individual cuts are vacuum packaged in clear plastic, labeled and frozen.

Steaks are sliced thick, a little more than 1 inch, and individually packaged. We cut our roasts into 2-3 pound portions.  And ground beef is individually packaged as 1/3rd pound patties or in 1 pound portions for making dishes like meatloaf and chili.

Buy now as supplies are limited – email janehelm@3kfllc.com or call the farm at 484-359-4457