Home for Horses

Good grass, solid footing, a warm barn, fresh water and room to run … a dreamland for horses and cows. Three Kings Farm has 14 acres of pastures spread across the low lands and the hills. Stretching from the ever-flowing springs that gives Chester Springs its name to the heights of the big hill where you can see half way across the county, the livestock have the best views of the farm.

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The farm has the capacity for 10-12 horses and has 12 stalls including one stall that also doubles as a very nice wash stall. A large overhang adjacent to the horse stalls out the back of the lower level of the barn brings everyday cover for horses wandering in the paddock. There is a tack area to store all of the essential items. In addition, there is a partial kitchen, with a refrigerator, sink and microwave. This becomes the gathering spot as there is always motivation to brew another pot of coffee or get cold water from the frig. And another feature rarely seen in a barn of any kind, there is a half bath just off the kitchen. Up above the lower horse stall area is the upper level of the bank barn where there is ample room for storing hay and straw.

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A second small horse barn is across the street and right now it is being used as a cow barn. This barn has 2 stalls and a covered porch that is the “hang-out” during sunny days and blustery winter nights. The third barn, and oldest barn on the farm, has become the equipment barn storing the tractor and implements to maintain the fields.


There are 6 separate pastures, three on each side of Veronica Drive. The pastures have new fencing and gates. The fencing was designed to offer 3 pastures with passageways to a paddock around the barns on each side of the road so the horses can easily move about. It also allows easy separation of various horses. One of the stalls in the big barn is an in/out stall with its own paddock. The three paddocks allow additional areas to separate horses. A large manure pit is on the east side of the large bank barn.

The upper pasture bordering St. Matthew’s Road has a separate entry from the road with gravel parking ample enough for day-to-day parking as well as longer-term storage for horse trailers and vans. This entrance leads to a properly sized field (220 ft x 140 ft) that has been used for training and jumping practice. The farm does not currently have a sand riding ring, although this may be added in time. There is a handy paddock and 2 stall barn just to the side of this fenced field.

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