The Farm’s Name

Three Kings Farm, what’s in a name? The name celebrates the past owners who through blood, sweat and tears built and worked this farm for nearly 100 years. The Michael King family had three owners, a father and 2 sons, whose families loved, lived and died on the property. Hence the name, the Three Kings Farm, symbolizes the courage, the tenacity, the love of life and the idyllic strong work ethic of the family.

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The farm’s main entry sign boldly exhibits the character of the Kings. The German fraktur lettering gives nod to the German heritage of the King family. The iconic date stone of the big Bank Barn is re-created in the middle of the sign in honor of Julianna and Michael King. The 5-sided stars in the corners are German symbols for happiness and good luck. The crown often associated with a King is a symbol of the head of the household. And the three 4-sided stars are Pennslyvania Dutch symbols of the Three Kings.